Homer F. Weston Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Application

Please type or print:

 Name:     ____________________________________________________________________

Address:    ___________________________________________________________________ 

Phone #:     ___________________________________________________________________ 

CFD/CFFA Present or Past Members Name:   _____________________________________ 

Years and Time of Service in the CFD/CFFA:    ____________________________________


 Type of  Program in which you are presently enrolled for the upcoming year (circle one):

                  Graduate                  Bachelor                Associate               Technical

Planned Field of Study:   _______________________________________________________

Enrolled (circle one):              Full Time               Part Time

Name of School/University Attending:    ___________________________________________

Name of Technical School:     ____________________________________________________

List any Civic Groups, Organizations,  Extracurricular Activities, Volunteer Work, etc.







(These may be attached to your application or mailed separately)

A.   An official transcript or letter from a school official from the most recent Institution attended

B.   A Statement of Interest of 400 words or less including:

        Why you desire the Homer F. Weston Memorial Scholarship

        Your personal, educational, and career goals 

        A list of extracurricular, community and/or volunteer activities.  Include dates of participation and a brief description of each activity.  You may provide an explanation for lack of involvement under special circumstances.  Special circumstances include financial hardship, family responsibilities, etc.  

        Any other information you want the Committee to consider

C.   Two letters of recommendation:           

        One letter should be from a teacher, employer, or member of the community familiar with you and your goals.  The other letter should be from a member or past member of the Carver Fire Department.  If it is not possible to provide a letter from a member of the fire service, please attach an explanation.

I certify that all of the information contained in this application and attachments is accurate.

I understand that the Carver Firefighters Association may verify all information that I have provided as part of my application for this scholarship.

________________________________________                ________________________

Signature                                                                                Date

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