Welcome to the Carver Fire Department

The Carver Fire Department is located in Southeastern Massachusetts.
We proudly protect 11,368 people living in an area of 39.58 square miles. We operate out of three stations that protect a primarily residential/agricultural area. Our Department is a Public Department whose 75 members are on a paid on call status.

dscf0686 Members of our Dive Team participated in an indoor pool dive drill at the Percy Walker Pool In Duxbury.  This drill has become an annual training exercise, where CFD divers can practice needed search and rescue techniques over the winter, in a controlled environment, when ponds are frozen.  This is also an opportunity for potential new divers to try SCUBA and join the team, as the drill is open to all our firefighters.  (Photo's by Deputy Eric Germaine)
dscf0686 What could have been a horrific MVA off of Wareham Street late yesterday, turned more positive.  A single vehicle veered off the road, taking down a utility pole, with all the poles wires and fuses coming down on the vehicle with the driver trapped inside.  Eversouce was called as a high priority to cut the power, while Firefighters worked among the dangerous conditions to free the driver.  Luckily, the power was determined to be off as a result of the crash and the driver was safety removed by Fire, Police and EMS personnel. (Photo's by Firefighter Mike Shaw)