Fire Dispatch Center

The Carver Fire Department maintains a dedicated Fire Dispatch Facility, located at our Station 1.  We are staffed by a Fire Dispatcher from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm each day, seven days a week.  After 4:30 pm, Fire Dispatching is transferred over to our Public Safety Dispatch Center, located at the Carver Police Station, where EMS, Fire, Police and DPW are dispatched for the remaining 16 hour shift. Our Fire Dispatch Center is staffed by one full time Dispatcher, Matt Barrington, and 10 part time fire dispatchers, working mostly weekends and coverage shifts.  Maintaining a dedicated Fire Dispatch Center and Fire Dispatcher that concentrates on strictly fire responses, helps ensure that we get professional and proficient emergency fire dispatching for our residents and our responding firefighters.


In late 2011, our TEAM went to work totally upgrading and revamping our Central Fire Dispatch Center. Along with numerous upgrades in technology improvements, our communications equipment transformed from an analog phone line based system to a Microwave IP based system.  Upon install, Carver Fire was one of the first communities in Plymouth County to initiate this new Public Safety Communications System. Our technology improvements include:  Enhanced 911 Mapping and Caller Screens, a dedicated ” I AM RESPONDING” Computer, a 36″ LCD GPS Apparatus Tracking System, 27″ IMAC Dispatch Computer, Davis Weather Station, Security Camera System, Motorola CDM 1550 Back-up Radio, Motorola Back-up Command Star Console, upgraded Dell Dispatch Computer Server, Lighting upgrades, new Cannon C5030 Color Copier, and at the heart of our new system, a custom designed “TELEX” Touch Screen IP Based Dispatch Console.

The vast majority of our improvements have come through a TEAM effort by all our Fire Dispatchers and at a very small cost tour taxpayers.  In 2011, The Carver Fire Department, with the help of grant writer, Irene Winkler and Deputy Germaine, received a Fire Assistance Grant for over $170,000 to totally upgrade our communications and dispatch infrastructure.  A big thank you to all our Fire Dispatchers and Deputy Germaine for seeing the improvements to completion!