Dive Team

The Carver Fire Dive Team was formed in 1988 under the direction of Retired Chief Dana Harriman. Currently, the our Dive Team consists of 13 Divers and 7 Support personnel led by Divemaster Austin White and Assistant Divemaster John O'Connell. All Carver Fire Divers are PADI Public Safety Diver certified and all our Support personel are PADI Surface Support certified. Our Dive Team drills, at minimum, of once per month with all drills incorporating real life scenarios and practical evolutions. Our entire Dive Team, donated their time and efforts to covert and restore a retired 2000 Carver EMS ambulance to function as our primary Dive Response vehicle, now called Rescue 2. Rescue 2 carries 3 complete Dive setups plus an abundance of miscellaneous dive gear and advanced underwater equipment. This equipment includes new public safety dry suits, handheld underwater sonar, Interspiro full face piece dive masks, a wireless underwater communication system (allowing each diver to communicate with each other and Command staff on the shoreline), an advanced boat mounted underwater side sonar system and night vision binoculars. I am very proud to say that our Dive Team is always at the ready to protect the residents of our community in the event of a water emergency.


Nina Logan

Assistant Divemaster / Diver Serving Since 2015

Alex Morena

Divemaster / Diver Serving Since 2017

Eric Germaine

Deputy / Diver C2 Serving Since 1991

Robert Vestute

Firefighter / Support 125 Serving Since 1996

Billy Garnett

Firefighter / Support 136 Serving Since 2003

C.J. Gillis

Firefighter / Support 139 Serving Since 2006

Christine Amaral

Firefighter / Support 144 Serving Since 2008

John Rota

Firefighter / Support 158 Serving Since 2015

John O’Connell

Firefighter / Diver 161 Serving Since 2016

Steven Maccini

Firefighter / Diver 165 Serving Since 2017

Adam Flood

Firefighter / Support 166 Serving Since 2017

Alex Lovejoy

Firefighter / Support 167 Serving Since 2018

Kevin Wilson

Firefighter / Diver 171 Serving Since 2017

Chris Mahoney

Firefighter / Diver 224 Serving Since 1989

Mark Durling

Firefighter / Diver 230 Serving Since 2003

Joshua McDermott

Lieutenant / Diver 231 Serving Since 2003

Austin White

Diver 234 Serving Since 2005

Adam Lauzon

Firefighter / Diver 249 Serving Since 2011

Matt Barrington

Firefighter / Support 252 Serving Since 2013

Allie Guimaraes

Firefighter / Support 262 Serving Since 2019

Al Perry

Firefighter / Diver 339 Serving Since 2006

Kam Murphy

Firefighter / Diver 367 Serving Since 2018