Welcome to the Carver Fire Department

The Carver Fire Department is located in Southeastern Massachusetts.
We proudly protect 11,368 people living in an area of 39.58 square miles. We operate out of three stations that protect a primarily residential/agricultural area. Our Department is a Public Department whose 80 members are on a paid on call status.

Water-Rrescue-1 Must be something in the water at Sampson’s Pond, as in the last two weeks Firefighters have had to respond to two separate potential water emergencies.  On August 2nd, Fire crews responded to a boat emergency, being notified that a motorboat crashed into rocks hidden just below the waterline.  Individuals on the boat were thrown from the boat into the water, with the boat damaged and taking on water.  All parties managed to get back on the boat and with assistance get back to shore and be treated by Carver EMS.  On the second incident, August 7th, residents living on the pond could hear people yelling for help in the water.  Fire Companies were toned out for a water rescue on the backside of the pond, involving possibly four children.  A CFD firefighter, who lives on the pond, heard the fire tones and launched his pontoon boats to assist.  What was thought to be an emergency, turned out to be a disabled boat with children in the water yelling, and not in distress.   The firefighter gathered the family up onto his boat and brought them to shore to be evaluated by Carver EMS.  Firefighters/Divers using our Marine 1 managed to tow the disabled boat back to the boat ramp. Carver Public Safety takes water emergencies very seriously and we at CFD respond with multiple resources in order to attempt water rescues from multiple locations if necessary.  We are just glad that in both instances everyone was ok! (Photo’s by Retired Firefighter Rick Leopardi)
IMG_8385 Carver Fire Company’s 1, 2 and 3 were dispatched to a reported structure fire in the area of Plymouth Street.  While Fire Company’s were in route, heavy smoke in that area of town was reported from a helicopter flying nearby and relayed back to our Fire Dispatch.  First on scene, Captain Froehlich (201), who lives only a few houses away, reported heavy fire showing on the front of the structure (A side), declaring a working fire.  A crew of six Firefighters on Engine 2 arrived within 5 minutes and were ordered to stretch multiple large attack lines and begin fire attack on the exterior of the structure.  Crews from Rescue 1, Engines 1 and 3 assisted with exterior and interior fire operations.  Numerous attempts were made to gain entry into the structure to search for possible occupants.  Under heavy fire conditions, interior searches were immediately conducted in the basement and on the first floor.  Access to the second floor was severely comprised due to a floor collapse and heavy fire conditions.  There were initial indications that led Firefighters to believe that the homeowners were still inside the house.  Fortunately, about an hour into the incident, a neighbor was able to reach the homeowners by phone, and notified our Fire Dispatch that there were no occupants inside the structure.  Fire Tankers and Brush Breakers from Carver and Plympton shuttled 36,000 gallons of water into the fire scene from a nearby cranberry reservoir for fire suppression.  Due to the building construction of all pine boards on the exterior and interior, Firefighters worked the fire incident for five hours, as the fire had spread to void spaces throughout the house.  Due to the high heat and humidity of the day, Mutual Aid Engine Companies were brought in from Plymouth Fire and Middleboro Fire to relieve and assist Carver Firefighters on scene.  Carver EMS assisted on scene setting up a Firefighter rehab sector, supplying needed hydration and monitoring vital signs of our Firefighters.  Carver Police closed down a section of Plymouth Street allowing Fire Tankers and Firefighters to safely operate within the fire scene area.  A Kingston Engine Company covered our Headquarters Station during the incident, responding to any reported emergencies within our town.  The fire is considered accidental and is under investigation by Carver Fire and the Massachusetts State Fire Marshals Office.  Forty-four Carver Firefighters, along with 8 Mutual Aid Firefighters worked the incident, with no injuries reported.  Although the home is considered a total loss, Firefighters made a valiant effort to search for residents inside and save as many of their personal belongings as possible. (Photo's by Retired Firefighter, Steve Blanchard)