The Carver Fire Department maintains a dedicated Fire Dispatch Facility, located at our Station 1. We are staffed by a Fire Dispatcher from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm each day, seven days a week. After 4:30 pm, Fire Dispatching is transferred over to our Public Safety Dispatch Center, located at the Carver Police Station. Our Fire Dispatch Center is staffed by one full time Dispatcher, Steve Blanchard, and 9 part time fire dispatchers, working mostly weekends and coverage shifts. Maintaining a dedicated Fire Dispatch Center and Fire Dispatcher that concentrates on strictly fire responses, helps ensure that we get professional and proficient emergency fire dispatching for our residents and our responding firefighters. I would like to personally thank each of our dedicated Dispatchers for their loyalty and commitment to our TEAM!


Mike Hall

Dispatcher Serving Since 2005

BJ Harriman

Dispatcher Serving Since 2011

Glenda Harriman

Dispatcher Serving Since 2005

Tim Dunham

Firefighter / Dispatcher Serving Since 2007

Vinny Nocera

Lieutenant / Dispatcher 203 Serving Since 1990

Matt Barrington

Firefighter / Dispatcher 252 Serving Since 2013

Matt Sears

Dispatcher / Captain 301 Serving Since 2000

Jon Fortier

Dispatcher / 301 Retired Serving Since 2014

Frank Nye

Lieutenant 302 Serving Since 2003

Mike Shaw

Firefighter 344 Serving Since 2009