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2014 - 2015


Carver Recruit Class of 2015 - April 17, 2015

 Our PROUD Graduating Class of 2015 Front Row – New CFD Firefighters – Jason Silva, Devin Guilfoyle, Nina Logan, John Rota and Chad Balboni Back Row – CFD Recruit Trainers – Deputy Eric Germaine, Firefighter Rick Leopardi, Captain Eric Weston, Lieutenant Chris Vincent, Lieutenant Bob Middendorf, Lieutenant Bill Froehlich, Lieutenant Josh McDermott, Lieutenant Jesse Boyle, Captain Matt Sears, Could not make picture - Captain Bob Telless, Captain Vinny Nocera, and Lieutenant Frank Nye  

2014 Deputy’s Scavenger Hunt / Family Fun Day - August 24, 2014

From all accounts, our third CFD sanctioned Scavenger Hunt / Family Fun Day was a huge success! This was a competitive training exercise we termed a scavenger hunt. The goal of the event was to mix training, competitiveness, a fun time and great prizes into a series of six training exercises that would involve CFD equipment, apparatus and the skills of our Firefighters. Approximately 35 Firefighters participated in the event. Company 3, named the “Dormant Minitors”, located all their canisters,...

Carver Fire Recruit Class of 2014 - April 18, 2014

Our PROUD Graduating Class of 2014 Front Row - New CFD Firefighters - David Bellando, Ryan Barry, Robert Costello, James Stagnitta, Steven Grecco, Zakery Sironen, John Lovendale - New Hanover Firefighters - Andrew Held, Alex Crawford and Evan O'Rouke Back Row -  Recruit Fire Instructors - Lieutenant Josh McDermott, Captain Vinny Nocera, Lieutenant Chris Vincent, Lieutenant Bill Froehlich, Lieutenant Mark Moran, Captain Carl Santos, Firefighter Mike Harriman, Lieutenant Eric Weston, Firefighter Rick Leopardi, Deputy Eric Germaine, and Captain Bob Telless

Fire Assistance Grant for new Fire Hoses/Nozzles – COMPLETED! - March 7, 2014

After almost a year of hard work by our team, our Fire Assistance Grant for new Fire Hose, Valves, Adapters and Nozzles for $116,000 awarded by FEMA is now complete!  Our Firefighters worked hard over the last couple weeks unpacking old attack and supply hose and repacking our new hose.  All new nozzles, suctions, a fair amount of valves, portable pools, and intake valves have been replaced.  A thank you to Firefighter Sean Bogart (Scooter) and his new daughter for...

Tanker 1 Rehab Project - January 13, 2014

Thanks to our taxpayers, our 1989 Maxim Tanker has been undergoing a major rehab! The project started in September with DPW mechanic Gerard Terrill installing new radial tires, upgraded LED scene and safety lighting, LED water level gauges, new tachometer, LED cabinet strip lighting and fixing some engine oil leaks.  Next, it was on to a sand blasting of the body and frame, a complete paint job and a refurbish of all aluminum diamond plate by M & R...