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2018 - 2019


2019 Recruit Graduation Picture - April 13, 2019

Our Proud Graduating Class of 2019 Front Row - Assistant Deputy Chief Jesse Boyle, Firefighter Jamison Johnson, Firefighter Benjamin Green, Firefighter Allie Guimaraes, Firefighter Alex Steed, Firefighter Michael Brooks and Deputy Eric Germaine Back Row - Firefighter Rick Leopardi, Captain Bill Froehlich, Lieutenant Bob Middendorf, Lieutenant Sean Bogart, Lieutenant Geoffery Thomas and Assistant Dive Master John O'Connell Missing from the picture are Recruit Trainers Captain Eric Weston, Captain Frank Nye, Captain Bob Telless, Lieutenant Dan Wilcox, Lieutenant Josh McDermott and Lieutenant Austin White  

PPE Distribution – CFD Headquarters - March 7, 2019

This week, for the first time in over ten years, new Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) was distributed to each Carver firefighter. Each ensemble included turnout coat and pants, fire boots, helmet, gloves, wildland fire coats and pants, and miscellaneous accessories. Our existing turnouts were over 10 years old and had exceeded their useful life. The tradition at Carver Fire is to form a committee of firefighters to make design and purchase decisions for large capital projects such as this, as well as...

Dive Team Achieves Training Certification - July 25, 2018

Carver Divemaster and Lt. Austin White and Assistant Divemaster John O’Connell announced that the CFD dive team has achieved the advanced certification of Public Safety Diver following several months of training. Austin White, John O’Connell, Eric Germaine, Josh McDermott, Mark Durling, Adam Lauzon, Nina Logan, Stephen Maccini, Alex Morena, are all certified to the level of Public Safety Diver. Robert Vestute, Cj Gillis, Christine Amaral, Matt Barrington, Adam Flood, Kevin Wilson, and John Rota are certified as Public Safety Diver...

Brush Breaker 26 Rehab Project - July 6, 2018

Brush Breaker 26 is currently being rehabbed by VTEC, located in Williamstown, Vermont.  Breaker 26 will be upgraded with a rear winch, rear tanker dump chute, new pump, all new plumbing, LED scene and warning lights, new tires, new front and rear springs, new valves, new mid and rear pump panels and a complete paint job.  Below are some pictures of the progress thus far. 

2018 Recruit Class Picture - April 17, 2018

Our Proud Graduating Class of 2018 Front Row - Firefighter Jack Condon, Firefighter Josh Janczewski, Firefighter Alex Lovejoy, Firefighter Eric Mueller, Firefighter Stephen Flynn, Firefighter Kam Murphy Back Row - Assistant Deputy Chief Jesse Boyle, Firefighter Rick Leopardi, Captain Frank Nye, Captain Eric Weston, Captain Bob Telless, Captain Bill Froehlich, Lieutenant Bob Middendorf, Lieutenant Geoffery Thomas, Lieutenant Josh McDermott, Lieutenant Austin White, Lieutenant Sean Bogart, Firefighter Matt Sears, Deputy Chief Eric Germaine