Station 1

Station 1 which is our headquarters is located in the center of Carver at 112A Main Street (Route 58). Currently Engine 1, Brush Breaker 27, Tanker 1, Rescue 1, new Rescue 2, the Hovercraft, and reserve Brush Breaker 23 are assigned here.  We are expecting delivery of our new Brush Breaker 27 in late August, early September.

Station 2

Station 2 which is located at 1 Green Street at the intersection of North Main Street (Route 58) was opened in 1987. Currently Engine 2, Brush Breaker 29, and reserve Engine 4 are assigned here.  Station 2 will be getting new glass apparatus doors and the apparatus floors will be painted with an epoxy in the coming weeks, done by our Firefighters.

Station 3

Station 3 which is located at the corner of South Main (Rt. 58) and Church Streets was opened in 1996. Currently Engine 3, Brush Breaker 28 and our Water Rescue/Dive Boat are assigned here.  Once our new Car 3 arrives and is assigned to Deputy Germaine, Car 2 will be stationed here in-order to tow our Rescue Boat (Marine 1).  Car 2 will also be available for firefighters to use for trips to the Mass Fire Academy and other training opportunities.