Welcome to the Carver Fire Department

The Carver Fire Department is located in Southeastern Massachusetts.
We proudly protect 11,368 people living in an area of 39.58 square miles. We operate out of three stations that protect a primarily residential/agricultural area. Our Department is a Public Department whose 80 members are on a paid on call status.

Photo-Mar-15-2023-21-42-07 Fire Companies 1, 2 and 3 were dispatched to a reported Chimney Fire, with fire in the wall of a home off Bow Street, in our Fire District 1.  On arrival, it was confirmed that a chimney attached to a wood stove had become compromised, with fire somewhere in the wall or ceiling.  Crews from Engines 1, 2 and Rescue 1 opened walls, the ceiling and deployed a chimney nozzle down the chimney in an attempt to extinguish the fire. Fire crews eventually had to dismantle the large brick hearth from floor to ceiling, discovering a deep-seated hidden fire behind it.  Crews worked to ensure the fire was fully out and cleaned up all the debris for the homeowner.  Crews from Engine 3, Tanker 1 and 2 established a water supply in case the incident escalated.  Very proud that our fire crews stayed persistent in finding the fire deep in the walls. (Photo’s by Firefighter, Mike Shaw)
IMG_6018 At 12:36am on Tuesday March 7, the Carver Fire Department responded to a structure fire in South Carver. Upon arrival, Deputy Eric Germaine established command and reported a mobile home heavily involved in fire. All three Carver Fire companies responded, bringing 46 Carver firefighters and officers to the scene.   With the time of day and no occupants outside the building, there was a high likelihood of occupants still inside. Significant fire conditions prohibited entry via the front door, and an adjacent home was also in danger of catching on fire. Carver Fire's On-Call staffing model allows us to put a high number of firefighters on scene to aggressively protect life and property. Three attack lines were immediately deployed, to fight the fire at the front door, protect the neighboring home, and provide protection for crews conducting interior searches. This was all done simultaneously upon arrival of fire crews. Fortunately, after conducting primary and secondary searches of the home with no resuts, it was confirmed that no residents or pets were home at the time of the fire.   Carver does not utilize a municipal hydrant system for fire protection. Instead, we rely on a time-tested system of shuttling water via tanker trucks and brush breakers. This requires a coordinated effort, using expertise, numerous firefighters, and pre-planning to accomplish. Over 10,000 gallons of water was used on this fire, and a continuous supply of water was maintained throughout the event.   Firefighters remained on scene until after 4am, overhauling and extinguishing the fire. Fires in mobile homes have unique challenges, with lightweight construction presenting extra hazards to firefighters due to rapid collapse potential.   Thanks to our mutual aid partners at Plympton Fire department for responding their Tanker 1, and Wareham Fire Department for providing station coverage for our town with their Engine 1. Carver EMS maintained a presence at the fire, providing a rehab station to monitor firefighter health and be available for any traumatic injuries.   The cause of the fire is under investigation but has not been deemed suspicious. No firefighters or civilians were injured. (Photo's by Tyler Sampson)