Car 1 – C1


New Carver Car 1, assigned to Chief Weston, is a 2014 Chevy Tahoe 4 X 4 Command vehicle, is now fully in-service.  Many hours of hard work have gone into the design and installation of our newest 2014 Chevy Tahoe Command Vehicle.  

The vehicle is equipped with a custom Admiral front radio console housing  two Motorola CDM 1550 radios, a Bearcat BCT15X scanner with remote rear scanner head, built in navigation and rear view camera system, hands free phone system, on board laptop for mapping viewing our “I AM RESPONDING” system and a Whelen Cencom Gold light and siren controller.  

A new custom rear command console was built and installed to house two CDM 550 mobile radios, portable chargers, portable battery chargers, thermal imager camera, SCBA pak, survival suit, remote radio scanner, remote land line phone system, 1000 watt inverter, LCD computer monitor and many, many more pieces of life safety equipment.  

All of the emergency lighting was installed by Cubby Emergency Lighting at Carver Fire Headquarters.  The Whelen lighting package includes a Whelen liberty light bar with built in opti-com system and LED takedown and alley lights, a rear Dominator 8 super LED light bar,  driver and passenger side Avenger LED lights, blaster red hideaway lights, a wig-wag system, OS Series running board lights, LED red fog light kit, 100 watt siren and speaker system and many more red and white LED hideaway lights all controlled via a Whelen Cencom Gold controller.

This vehicle was designed to serve our Department for at least ten years. Our original 2004 Command Car 1 has been re-assigned to Caver EMS to serve as a reserve vehicle.