Car 3 – Reserve

 Carver Car 2, now reassigned to C3, is utilized to tow our Rescue Boat (Marine 1), Firefighter Details and Training Courses and as a reserve Command Car.  Car 2 is a  2002 GMC Yukon 4 X 4 Command vehicle. It is equipped with communications equipment to communicate with area fire departments. The equipment includes 1 Motorola VHF CDM-1250, 1 Motorola UHF CDM-1250, and scanner.  Car 2 is equipped with 2 Winter Ice Survival Suits, CO detector, Class A, B, C, and D fire extinguishers, and various other firefighting and medical equipment. A new custom rear command console has been built in-house, allowing the vehicle to be an effective mobile command platform if called for. Car 2 is also equipped with Whelen’s new Patriot light bar, wigwags, Whelen front and rear hide-away strobes, and a Whelen siren system.