Forestry 24


Our new Polaris Ranger 6X6 has arrived and is in service at Station 1.  Forest 24, plus all equipment and accessories, have been acquired at no cost to the Town through a generous grant from the Howard Maxim Foundation, private donations and help from Carver’s Emergency Management.  The vehicle was purchased from Greater Motor Sports out of Arlington, MA.  We have the unit equipped with heavy duty tires, raised suspension, steel roof, Garmin GPS system, GPS Insight vehicle tracking system, Firecom wired head system, front half windshield, front hood rack, Pre-runner front and rear brush guards, dual batteries, Sthil chain saw, front mounted 4500lb remote controlled winch, Motorola CDM radio and DOT directional signals, LED scene/Emergency lighting, folding stokes basket, Kimtec Delux Wildfire skid unit and most recently with an Camoplast all weather track system for the deep snow.   Through a generous donation we have also purchased an all aluminum 12 foot dual axel trailer.