Tanker 1

2021 Kenworth T880/Pierce Tanker with a 3,000 gallon water tank and a 1,000 GPM mid-mounted PTO driven pump. It has the capability to gravity dump 1,500 gallons per minute from the rear or either side using cab, side, and rear controlled air actuated dump chutes and valves. Tanker 1 carries a 2,500 gallon and a 3,000 gallon portable pool, stored in electrically actuated drop-down side fold-a-racks. The tanker has a preconnected rear-mounted blitz fire gun, two pre-connected 1-3/4″ and 2″ attack lines and a 1,000 GPM master stream on top. This unit was built by Pierce Manufacturing located in Bradenton, Florida.  Tanker 1 is assigned to Station 1 located in the center Carver.