1st Family Fun Day – C1’s House - August 12, 2012

I hope that everyone who attended our first annual Family Fun Day enjoyed themselves.  A big THANK YOU goes out to the Chief and his wife Cheryl for hosting the event  (hopefully the lawn has recovered and the organic cornfield was not disturbed!) They did most of the leg work and I can’t thank them enough! Also a big thank you to Master BBQ Chef Scott Anderson for a job well done on the smoker and grill.  Thanks also goes out to Bassmaster Bill Garnett who oversaw the fishing derby and ensured that the “CATCH AND RELEASE RULE” was enforced.  The UTV shuttle was another big hit, (thanks Craig, Gary and Mark)  I know on families Christmas list has changed dramatically thanks to them.  And finally thank you to everybody else who chipped in helping at the grill (C3) and with the guessing table (Elaine) or just making sure things went smooth. – Association President Middendorf  (Photo’s by Chief Craig Weston)