Pictures for the year of 2003


Structure Fire – Mazzilli Drive - December 23, 2003

The Carver Fire Department responded to a Christmas tree on fire at this Mazzilli Drive residents where they managed to quickly control the fire keeping fire damage to a minimum. The smoke damage was extensive causing the family to have to relocate just two days before Christmas. Luckily many of the gifts where salvaged for the Holiday  

SBCA Maze Drill - December 1, 2003

Carver Firefighters regularly participate in SCBA Maze training. This SCBA Maze has been constructed at the Carver Fire Department Training Site. The maze consists of confined spaces, simulated ceiling rafters, wire entanglements and obstructed exits.  

Structure Fire – Green Street - November 27, 2003

The Carver Fire Department responded to this Green St. building fire on Thanksgiving. Four Carver Engines, one Rescue and a Tanker quickly controlled the blaze, which originated in the basement and extend to the first floor. The fire was determined to be suspicion, with one person arrested for arson.  

Rapid Intervention Training - July 13, 2003

65 Carver Firefighters participate in a newly developed Rapid Intervention Team Program developed for the Carver Fire Department. This program was developed using proven R.I.T. programs from around the country by Carver Firefighters for Carver Firefighters. To date, every Carver Firefighter has participated in the coarse and trains regularly in R.I.T.  

Structure Fire – Pleasant Street - March 20, 2003

Carver Firefighters get the call for a structure fire on Pleasant St. Firefighters contained the fire to one room with minimal damage to the structure. Fire was determined to be accidental. Firefighters were on scene for about two hours and then immediately dispatched to another structure fire a 1 David Rd.  

Accountability Drill - March 2, 2003

65 Carver Firefighters participated in a fire ground Accountability Training session on March 2, 2003. The Carver Fire Department recently developed a unique accountability system that is used at every structure fire, brush fire or incident that an incident commander deems necessary.  

Annual Clambake - January 1, 2003

Carver Firefighters Association holds it annual clambake at the Carver Sportsman's Club. Although the rain was heavy at times, the clambake was a success serving 450 people with hot and delicious clams, corn, hotdogs, sausage, fish, stuffing, potatoes and onions.