Annual Truck Competition – Carver Station 1 - August 4, 2008

The 6th annual truck inspection competition was held on August 4, 2008. Organized by FF Bob Middendorf, the event challenges the 3 Firefighting Company’s to have the cleanest piece of apparatus. This year each Company could choose which truck they wanted to do. Co. 1 chose the Tanker, Co. 3 chose Brushbreaker 28 and Marine 1, and Co. 2 chose Deputy Weston’s personal pickup, which has quite a reputation for being bog dust challenged, for lack of a better term. All the vehicles looked GREAT and needless to say their were a lot of laughs when Co. 2 showed up with C2. In the end, Company 1 won the trophy by unanimous decision of the judges. The trophy was donated by our sister department, the Syosset New York Fire Department, in memory of 4 of their Firefighters who had answered their last alarm. One of those was Robert “Trot” Middendorf, our Bob Middendorf’s dad. (Photo’s by Firefighter Gerry Farquharson and Bobbi Sistrunk)