Appreciation Night – Plympton Upland Club - February 25, 2012

When four senior members of the department hang up their helmets for the last time a party seems quite appropriate. Words of praise, some nice gifts and a great meal…….maybe even a beverage or 2. Wide grins, firm handshakes from well wishers and yes, a tear or two might have been shed. When you think of the 131 total years of service to the community by these four, just try and imagine for a few moments the heat and cold they have felt, screams and cry’s they have heard, horrors they have seen, and fear for their lives they have felt while performing their duties. All this is balanced by gratitude and smiles displayed from people they have helped and the satisfaction of knowing they did their job well as part of a team that runs on PRIDE. Thank you Gary, Joe, Jon and Alan. (Photo’s by Firefighter Steve Falconer)