Company 1 and 2 Water Supply Drill – Carver Fire Department Training Facility - May 7, 2006

Company 1 & 2 get together to move some water around. What is a standard and elementary operation in most communities, mounts a significant challenge to the fireground officer here in Carver. Most communities have a municipal water system and therefore establishing an adequate and continuous water supply to suppress the fire is done in a fairly predictable fashion. Here in Carver it is not so easy, BUT our people rise to the occasion and through innovation and pre- planning, the firefighter on the nozzle inside the building never wants for water. On any large fire a Water Supply Officer is established by the Incident Commander to take charge of the operation, and he/she may utilize ponds, cranberry bogs, dry hydrants, tankers, swimming pools and whatever to keep the water flowing. For those of you who looked at the photo’s closely, we have passed the bucket brigade era, but a bucket of water still works pretty good to clean sand off of a hose coupling. (Photo’s by Firefighters Steve Falconer and Danny Wilcox)