Company 1 MVA Drill – Meadow Street - October 14, 2009

The Challenge – A realistic MVA Drill involving 3 vehicles (car, truck and motorcycle), 3 manikin patients in a woody, swampy setting, with none of our Firefighters having any idea as to what they were in for. The Drill was the brain child of Captain Carl Santos and was set up at the rear of 17 Meadow Street. Firefighters William Garnett and Robert Middendorf arrived first in their private vehicles, as this location is their normal FD response zone. On arrival Firefighter Garnett assumed Command. Next on scene was Rescue 1, Engine 1, Truck 27 and 20 CFD Firefighters. Firefighters quickly assessed and rescued a trapped manikin’s in the car, located in an area thick with briar’s, as others went to work on a trapped manikin in an overturned truck. Firefighters used the Jaws of Life to cut off the roof and removed the trapped occupant. The next challenge was for firefighters to rescue a trapped manikin located under a motorcycle, which was located under the flipped over truck. Firefighters spent about an hour raising, cutting, scratching their heads, and eventually freeing the manikin. Once the rescues were completed, critiques on what went right and what went wrong were conducted. Firefighters then spent the remainder of the drill practicing with air tools, cutoff saws and chain saws to keep there skills sharp. (Photo’s by Lieutenant Vinny Nocera)