Company 2 MVA Entrapment Drill – Fire Department Training Facility (Photo’s by Firefighter Steve Falconer) - September 25, 2012

Company 2 Officers and Firefighters got a chance to challenge their skills under the direction of “Jaws of Life” specialist, Pete Cavaleri from the Firematic Company.  Each Fire Company will perform different MVA entrapment scenarios over the next three weeks.  The scenarios range from Rescue Jack lifts, removing crushed doors and roofs, to dealing with Hybrid electric vehicles and vehicles with multiple airbags.  This advanced training program ensures that all of our Firefighters get equal training on correctly deploying the “Jaws of Life” during the ever changing Incidents and vehicles we see today.  When responding to and working at motor vehicle entrapment incidents, time and safety are the keys to successfully removing a patient from a crushed motor vehicle.  Knowing that we have the best training and tools available to our Firefighters, should their skills be needed, provides reassurance to our residents that your Firefighters will allows be here to help! (Photo’s by Firefighter Steve Falconer)