Hovercraft Rehab Project is COMPLETE! - December 7, 2012

Our 1991 Scat Hovercraft was approved for a major rehab overhaul at our annual Town Meeting in 2012. In August, our craft was sent to “The Hovercraft Depot” in Missouri to be 100% rebuilt. This rehab consisted of a new hull, new oil injected motor, new electrical wiring, new gauges, new fan blades, new flotation skirts, fiberglass repairs, new LED scene and emergency light package and many more upgrades. You can see from the pictures that the craft was totally torn down. Our new craft was delivered in late November, and has been full tested and geared up.  All our Fire Companies have been re-trained on the new craft and she is fully in-service as of December 1st.  This was a great project, where our tax payers got a tremendous value for their money. Our new craft should be back in service sometime in over the next couple of weeks.