Plymouth Fire Training – Carver Fire Department Training Facility - November 24, 2006

Plymouth Fire Dept. Battalion Chief Ed Bradley brought a crew of 13 new Plymouth Firefighters over to experience our maze and smokehouse. Five of Carver’s Trainers under the direction of DFC Mark Weston assisted in making it a good learning experience. The goal is to increase the Firefighters confidence of wearing and operating Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. The maze simulates situations that a Firefighter may encounter inside a burning building or collapsed structure. Controlled breathing, communication and TEAMWORK are key factors in successfully negotiating the tunnels, joists, pipes, and hanging wires and ceilings. This is all done with obscured vision, thanks to a cover over the mask face piece. Plymouth Fire Chief Jim Pierson stopped by and was all smiles about how well his new Firefighters did. (Photo’s by Firefighters Dan Wilcox and Gerry Farquharson)