Structure / Dryer Fire – Main and South Main Streets (Photo’s by Firefighter, Tyler Reardon) - March 16, 2024

Fire crews responded to two simultaneous responses over the weekend. The first call was for a reported structure fire with the homeowner reporting their house was full of smoke when they returned home.  On arrival, fire crews reported an active dryer fire in the basement.  First arriving, Carver Police Officer/Firefighter Josh McDermott, quickly used a fire extinguisher to enter the structure and suppress the majority of the fire. Fire crews then stretched an attack line into the basement to check for extension, while other crews set up multiple ventilation fans to remove the moderate smoke condition.

As fire apparatus was responding to the dryer fire, a second crew was dispatched for a possible transformer fire in South Main Street area. Engine 2, Breaker 26 and Tanker 2 were diverted to the incident reporting an active transformer fire that had extended to the ground and had ignited a brush fire. Crews were able to keep the ground fire in check until EverSource arrived to secure the utilizes allowing Firefighters to then completely extinguish the ground fire. (Photo’s by Firefighter, Tyler Reardon)