Water Rescue – Clear Pond (Page #2) - July 16, 2012

At approximately 5:00 pm on Saturday, Carver Fire Company’s 1 and 3 were dispatched with Engine 3, Rescue 1, Rescue 2, Car 2, Marine 1 and our Hovercraft, to a person in the water, in distress, at Clear Pond in South Carver. Lieutenant Mark Moran was first on scene, establishing Command, reporting an overturned boat in the middle of the pond with one person in trouble. Two people from the Pine Wood Campground across the street from the incident and one boater from Camp Clear where attempting to use their boats to help the person in the water. Firefighter crews from Carver Engine 3, Car 2 and our Rescue Boat were on scene with 5 minutes from the call, already dressed in specialize water rescue survival suits. While the Fire Departments Rescue Boat was being launched to rescue the person in trouble, Firefighters Al Perry, Matt Nye and Matt Farquharson from Engine 3, swam out to the distressed person, and assisting boaters, to help guide the person ashore. Once the patient was successfully on shore, care was given by Carver EMS and the patient was transported to a local hospital. Although the person in need was totally exhausted once removed from the water, all indications from the scene are that he would be OK. From start to finish, the successful rescue took approximately 7 minutes with no injuries to any of our rescue personnel.  I am very proud of the unselfish effort given by all rescuers involved. This is what we as a Fire Department continuously practice for and I am extremely happy to see such a positive result and all our Training pay off! Great job to our entire Public Safety Team from Chief Weston! (Photo’s by Retired Chief BJ Harriman)