2008 Shirts Revealed

Well, the Photo Team pleasantly shocked the crowd with their debut of the custom t- shirts for the Department. The concept was put together by the Photo Team with the vast majority of the work being done by Firefighter and Photographer Dan Wilcox . If I could tell you how many hours of design and consultation with Danny went into the shirt, you wouldn’t believe me! We tried to create a shirt that would represent each Sation, hence Truck 29, Engine 3 and Resue 1, a little of Carver Pride and a touch of our heritage. Judging by the reaction and sales, they hit it right on the mark. The shirts are on sale at the Chiefs Office (Sales Division).

$20 for M, L and XL and $22 for 2XL and 3XL – sorry but the smalls were missing in the order and the company has refunded us the money rather than printing 10 small shirts. The quicker we can sell the initial 300 shirts, the quicker we can place an order with some different sizes in it.

Once the initial purchase costs are met, all the additional proceeds will be going to the Association.