2008 Spring Forest Fire Drill

Recipe for a Spring Forest Fire Drill – For stock, start with a jumbo thirst for knowledge, toss in a zesty team of Fire Officers led by a well ripened Deputy. Stir in a stimulating Power Point program presented to around 200 firefighters from 9 departments. Let that marinate for 3 days. Then on a cool April morning in a very large pot (Myles Standish State Forest) stage and slowly blend in all those Firefighters, combined with 14 Brushbreakers, 4 Engines and 5 Tankers. Season and coordinate with a County Mobile Command Post, a State Incident Support Unit, a couple of Fire Towers & a County Fire Patrol Plane. Add just a pinch of real smoke. Shuttle and pour in around 30,000 gallons of water pumped from several static sources, protect some exposures and spend a lot of time driving unfamiliar sandy roads while utilizing several County radio frequencies. Simmer for 3 hours and then sprinkle on 200 hamburgers, 200 hot dogs (almost some venison) and more smiles that we had time to count.