PPE Extractor Grant – $6,416

Combatting Cancer in the Fire Service:

The Carver Fire Department is proud to announce that we have been awarded a grant in the amount of $6,416.73. These funds will be used to purchase a new washer-extractor for decontamination of our structural fire fighting gear. Carver’s existing gear washing equipment is over 20 years old and does not meet current standards or the needs of our department.

Carver Fire has applied for and received well over $1 million in competitive grants in recent years. This directly benefits our community without increasing the burden on Carver’s capital and operating budgets.

“Cleaning firefighting gear is not a long-standing tradition in the fire service. Soot and ash-laden gear was once the mark of a seasoned firefighter, but we now know that washing gear after every exposure to smoke is the safest thing to do,” said Needham Fire Chief Dennis Condon, President of the Fire Chiefs’ Association of Massachusetts (FCAM). “The impact on the firefighters and their families in these departments who will now have the ability to wash their gear is truly immense.”