2015 Deputy’s Scavenger Hunt/Training Exercise – (Photo’s by Firefighter Steve Falconer, Company 2) - August 30, 2015

From all accounts, our annual CFD sanctioned scavenger hunt was once again a huge success!  This was a competitive training exercise we termed a scavenger hunt.  The goal of the event/exercise has always been geared to mixing training, competitiveness, a fun time and great prizes into a series of six training exercises that would involve CFD equipment, apparatus and the skills of our Firefighters.  Approximately 40 Firefighters participated in the event.  Instead of a race to the end, this year each event for each Company, was individually timed.  The total times for the six events were calculated and the lowest cumulative time declared the winner.  Company 2, named “Water Supply”, finished all their tasks the quickest edging Company 1 the “Halligans” by 2 minutes, claiming them the grand prize.  Company 3, named “No Brakes” gave a great effort finishing in third.  Although Company 2 was the official winner, in the end  each Company was rewarded with a commercial snow blower for their Station.  In the past, Firefighters have brought their personal snow blowers to the Station during severe storms to clear snow from the walkways and apparatus bays.  The purchase was certainly needed and appreciated by all our Firefighters.  After the event, everyone that participated was treated to lunch at Station 1.  In our profession, you have to train hard, for you never know when or what type of emergency you will be facing.  We believe that you also have to be able to have a good laugh or two!  All said and done, the scavenger hunt accomplished the goals we set out to accomplish.  Six out of the box training exercises involving Firefighter skills, keeping a large number of Firefighters in Town ready to respond to any emergencies, developing comraderie among the group and sharing some laughs!  A very special “THANKS” are in order to Deputy Germaine, who orchestrated the whole drill, with help from Captain Telless, Firefighter Mike Terrill, Retired Chief Billy Harriman, Retired Firefighter Jon Fortier, Building Committee member George Callahan, Retired Firefighter Gary Weston, and my Comma Lady.(Photo’s by Firefighter Steve Falconer, Company 2)