2017 Recruit Training Practical Exam – CFD Training Facility (Photo’s by Retired Fire Chief Bill Harriman) - April 29, 2017

Starting early Saturday morning, our new Firefighters and all their Recruit Trainers took to the new Training Facility to showcase all they have learned during the 24 classes of Recruit Training.   The 10 Firefighter class was split into three groups, with each group having a turn at a live Car Fire station, MVA Entrapment station and a Search and Rescue scenario in our training building. Their final practical ended with each group participating in a live fire burn in our 1st floor burn room. Having an area where our firefighters can practice live fires, in a realistic atmosphere is already and will continue to pay big dividends in raising the bar here at CFD. What a great morning that led to a fantastic graduation. (Photo’s by Retired Fire Chief, Bill Harriman)