2018 Annual Brush Fire Drill – Plymouth/Carver Airport (Photo’s by Retired Chief, Bill Harriman) - April 29, 2018

The 2018 Spring Brush Fire Drill was AWESOME!  Deputy Germaine, our Officer/Firefighter staff and some really good friends of CFD, braved the elements and organized our annual Brush Fire Drill at the Plymouth/ Carver Airport this past Sunday.  13 Brush Breakers, 2 UTV’s, and about 150 personnel participated from Carver, Wareham, Onset, Plympton, Duxbury, Rochester, Marion, Mattapoisett, State DCR (District 6), State ISU, County Fire Plane and one drone aircraft represented 8 Plymouth County Communities and 2 state agencies. The group worked as a cohesive team with Carver units for 4 hours of intense training in the very unique forest fire operations that have evolved here in southern Plymouth County.  Crews had the opportunity to operate Brush breakers in the woods getting the feel of maneuvering around and at times pushing trees over and when necessary using winch operations as the trucks ambled through the woods.  Those waiting to get on a Breaker attended a chain saw course taught by Firefighter Bill Garnett, a wildfire classroom course taught by retried Carver Deputy Mark Weston, a winch operation class taught by Firefighter Mike Nye, a squad familiarization class taught by Deputy Jesse Boyle and a long line target course monitored by Firefighter John O’Connell.   We received special permission to test fly a drone aircraft, piloted by Firefighter Mike Shaw, which gave great areal views to the Command Post.  All Firefighters got the chance to tour the Department of Fire Services Sate ISU and the County Fire Plane 1-OH.  At the conclusion of the drill a cookout hosted by the Carver Fire Department back at our headquarters was enjoyed by all.   A hearty thanks to the Officers and Firefighters of the Carver Fire Department and participating Departments for making the exercise a huge success.  Smiles seemed to be everywhere and EVERYONE learned something. (Photo’s by Retired Chief, Bill Harriman)