A Special Day – Carver Primary School - May 14, 2017

In helping the Carver PTO raise money for our children, we as a Fire Department, committed to raffling off a ride to school in a fire truck to a lucky winner.  The raffle item was very, very popular, and raised a substantial amount of money.  Well, a special first grader named Mai won the fire truck ride to school!  We worked with the family and decided that we would give Mai a surprise ride to school on her birthday.  Mai, her mother and brother were all boarded Engine 1 for a ride around town and then to school. We then worked with the Elementary School and they arranged to have Mai’s first grade class outside singing Happy Birthday when our special guest arrived.  What a great way to start our day by giving a beautiful little girl a special birthday to remember, while also raising money for our school children.  A big thank you to my wife Cheryl for decking out Engine 1 with birthday balloons and making Mai’s day with a birthday gift from girls dream store Justice.  Also, a thank you to Deputy Germaine, Assistant Deputy Boyle and Bella who were assistants in the big day. (Photo’s by Deputy Eric Germaine)