Carver Fire Honor Guard Detail at Fenway Park (Photo’s / Video by Firefighter Mike Terrill) - August 1, 2013

It was certainly a high point within Carver Fire history, when our Honor Guard was given the opportunity to present the Colors at Fenway Park!  The text messages and pictures were beaming into our phones last night as the 12 person CFD entourage was receiving the royal treatment at Fenway Park.  Photo Team Photographer, Steve Falconer, got some great photos, which have been posted on the web page.  Firefighter Mike Terrill got some good video of the opening ceremony, which was not televised.  You can’t help but feel very proud!  Your Honor Guard works very hard behind the scenes, giving a lot of time to practice, so when they are called upon, they represent us at the highest level.  We can’t thank Firefighter Rick Leopardi for working diligently behind the scenes to make this happen.  The crew got a chance to go inside the Green Monster and see the memorable scoring system, toured both the home and away dugouts, and got a chance to act like celebrities!  More stories to come at a later date …(Photo’s by Firefighter Mike Terrill)

Honor Guard Video #1   Honor Guard Video #2