Chaplain Merritt’s Surprise Party – United Parish - October 31, 2004

On October 31, 2004 approximately 100 friends from both Carver and Falmouth parishes surprised Rev. Robert Merritt with a celebration of his 50 years in the ministry. They were all inside the United Parish Hall across from Station 1 in Carver, Rev. Merritt had arrived and was mingling with his well wishers, when the Carver Fire Department went into action. Engine 1, Rescue 1, and C1 responded to the site with sirens and air horns screaming. Many inside the hall were quite concerned when the units pulled up in front of the building. Lt. Robert Telless signed off at the scene, took command, and entered the hall in full gear. C1 called on the radio for a report and the Lt. replied, “we have a report that fire and brimstone has been coming from this location for 50 years, send in some help.” At that time crews in full turnout gear carrying axes, pike poles, thermal imagers, etc. entered the building and gathered around Rev. Merritt. Lt. Telless then presented Rev. Merritt with a plaque, a hat, a sweatshirt along with the best wishes of the Carver Firefighters Association. Our Chaplain is a very special guy……(Photo’s by Firefighter Steve Falconer)