Company 2 Drill – Water Supply / Fire Distribution Systems - March 10, 2013

Company 2 Officers designed a Water Supply Drill that was a little more out of the box than norm.  Firefighters utilized Engine 2 and Engine 4 to test the Fire Distribution System located at the Carver High School.  This system is used to supply water from the nearby “Flax Pond” through an above and underground water pipe, to a hydrant system located at the High School on South Meadow Road.  In order to set this system up properly, Engine 4 laid about 800 feet of 4″ supply line, drafted water out of Flax Pond, and then pumped the water through an underground hydrant system to Engine  2, located about 2,000 feet away.  This challenged firefighters with properly setting up hydrant connections, and proper drafting and pumping operations to an Engine Company that was well out of sight.  (Photo’s by Retired Fire Chief Bill Harriman and Firefighter Steve Falconer)