Company 3 and Dive Team Water Rescue Drill – Sampson’s Pond - July 25, 2013

A coordinated Water Rescue Drill utilizing the Dive Team and Firefighters from Company 3 was implemented and designed by Fire Captain Matt Sears.  Two rescue manikins and a overturned boat were used as scenario prop, place out in the middle of the Sampson’s Pond to simulate swimmers missing and in distress.  Firefighters utilized our Marine 1 and Hovercraft to make rescues and conduct searches.  Divers were put in the water, towed by our rescue boat (Marine 1) on dive tows for about 20 minutes until the manikins were found in about 10 feet of water. Firefighters remained at the drill for a period time practicing different scenarios, all getting a chance to drive Marine 1 and the Hovercraft.  This was a great scenario that tested our readiness to water emergencies.  (Photo’s by Deputy Eric Germaine)