Company 3 (Ladders/Pumps) Drill – Federal Furnace Cranberry - December 13, 2015

Company 3 went back to basics on Sunday with a well executed Ladders and Pump Operations drill.  Lieutenant Chris Vincent instructed Firefighters on various ladder caries against one of the largest buildings in town, the Federal Furnace screen house located in South Carver.  Another station taught by Lieutenant Frank Nye gave Firefighters a chance to review pump operations, flowing one of our Blitz Fire nozzles.  The final station was through Captain Sears updating Firefighters on things going on within the department, with the added bonus of a refresher on streets names within our community.  This marks one of the final events for retiring Firefighter Carl Enos.  Carl has been with our Department for 35 years and will retire on December 31st.  Congratulations Carl! (Photo’s by Firefighter Steve Falconer)