Company 3 MVA Entrapment Drill – CFD Training Facility (Photo’s by Captain Matt Sears) - July 19, 2017

The Drill schedule for this month calls for each Company to train on MVA Operations/Hazards and Entrapments. Company 3’s MVA Entrapment Drill focused on vehicle stabilization and dashboard rolls, along with other rescue techniques. Firefighters worked in groups with different scenarios presented to them.  At Carver Fire we use a Rescue Jack system, collapsible auto cribbing and poly cribbing to stabilize vehicles when they are involved in an MVA.  Firefighters practiced with our pre-piped Hurst cutters, spreaders and rams, while also working with our newer Hurst electric combi tools.  Captain Telless was on hand to reinforce the Cancer Awareness Class to members that were not able to attend.  (Photo’s by Captain Matt Sears)