Company 3 Supper – Caver Sportsman’s Club - June 6, 2004

On Monday June 7, 2004 a very special company supper was held at the Carver Sportsman’s Club. Rev. Robert Merritt, our Fire Department Chaplain planned and coordinated a program on dealing with stress for EMT’s, Police Officers, Dispatchers, and Firefighters. A good showing from all departments clearly demonstrated the great respect that we all have for Rev. Merritt. David Akin, the Chaplain for the Yarmouth Fire Department and Dennis Police Department was the guest speaker. He spoke on dealing with stress and discussed his experiences dealing with the family’s of public safety people who lost their lives at the World Trade Center on 9/11/02. Within one week of the tragedy, Mr. Akin was part of a Massachusetts delegation of Chaplains and Stress Councilors working at ground zero. Special invited guests who attended were Father Tony Medeiros of Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Rev. Steven Mofcaritolo of the South Carver Living World Church of Hope, and Rev. Charles Syverson of the United Parish Church. Also all 5 members of the Board of Selectmen as well as the Town Administrator attended and spoke of their support and confidence in the Towns emergency workers. A tip of the hat to Rob Reardon and Danny Wilcox for putting together a great slide show showing our people in action. Also, kudos to the members of Company 3, who cooked and served the chicken, which was supplied by Rev, Merritt. (Photo’s by Firefighter Gerry Farquharson)