Deputy’s Brush Fire Drill – Company’s 1 and 3 (Photo’s by Retired Chief Bill Harriman / Video’s by 111 Retired, Gary Weston) - April 28, 2013

Helmets off to Deputy Germaine for once again designing and implementing a very hands on Brush Fire Drill!  This year, the decision was made to keep the Drill in-house, allowing us to focus more on our Firefighters and teach specialized maneuvers and techniques in the woods.  Our goal was to get back to brush fire basics!  The Department was divided in two, with Company 2 and half of Company 1 getting specialized Brush Fire training this past Sunday and Company 3 and the other half of Company 1 being trained this Sunday.  With the help of all our Officers, Retired Deputy Mark Weston, Retired Firefighter Gary Weston, our logging expert Rogers Shores and dazzling photographer Retired Chief Bill Harriman, the first round of Brush Fire Drills was a huge success.  Every Firefighter got an extended chance to drive a Brush Breaker (Breakers 26, 28, and 29) through some very difficult terrain guided by a Company Officer.  Firefighters on the back of the Breakers simulated fighting fires on both right and left flanks, using a lot of water and getting great instructions from our experienced veterans.  While one group of Firefighters were in the woods driving, another group was taking a chainsaw class taught by logging expert Roger Shores.  After chainsaws, each group did some refresher training on new Breaker 27, taught by Firefighters Billy Garnett and Gerard Terrill.  Great drill, taught by great instructors!  Our goals for the Drill were accomplished! (Photo’s by Retired Chief Hariman / Video’s by 111 Retired, Gary Weston)

 Brush Fire Drill 11Brush Fire Drill 12Brush Fire Drill 14Brush Fire Drill 15Brush Fire Drill 16Brush Fire Drill 17Brush Fire Drill 18Brush Fire Drill 19