Dive Team Ice Dive – Sampson’s Pond - March 15, 2015

Carver Fire Dive Team Members, under the careful instructions of new Dive Master Austin White and new Assistant Dive Master Steven Dorherty, geared up for Ice Dive scenarios at Sampson’s Pond in South Carver.  Diving under the ice is extremely dangerous, but our Dive Team must be proficient in their skills if needed to rescue someone who has fallen below the ice.  All safety precautions are in place for these technical dives.  Divers utilize safety ropes, underwater communications systems, and full face masks.  A rescue diver is always at the ready to assist if something goes wrong while the diver is under the ice. A big thank you to our diving support crew for braving the cold and helping the team make the drill a a success.  For the record, the ice was over 18″ think on the pond, requiring a lengthy ice auger and chain saw drill ahead of time. (Photo’s by Deputy Eric Germaine)