Ice Rescue/Dog through the Ice – Wenham Pond - February 17, 2016

A resident off of Wenham Pond called the fire station directly this week stating that her dog was trapped on the icy pond.  Firefighters from Company 1, who were at the station preforming their monthly truck checks, responded for her calls of assistance.  Firefighters utilized Rescue 2 with our Hovercraft and Rescue 1 with Firefighters in survival suits.  Once on scene, firefighters used night vision binoculars to locate the dog which was about 800′ off shore, broken through the ice and struggling.  Two Firefighters started the long journey across the ice, crawling on their hands and knees, distributing their weight, preventing them from crashing through the ice.  Another group worked with Rescue 2 launching the hovercraft from a designated launch point at a remote area of the pond.  Firefighters from shore eventually made it to the dog, freeing the large German Shepard who promptly ran all the way back to shore into its owners arms.  Our Hovercraft crew picked up each firefighter, one at a time, and safely flew them back to shore.  Crews did an outstanding job at this nighttime call for help.  In Carver we love our animal friends! (Photo’s by Firefighter Mike Shaw)