Horse Assist – Center Street - April 5, 2018

Fire crews did a little bite of Horse Rescuing this past week… Horses aren’t normally in our job description, but when a person or even an animal calls for help, we go!  This horse, who shall remain nameless, is 36 years old and somehow took a fall in her stall overnight.  After being exhausted, she just couldn’t get her footing and became trapped in a narrow barn doorway.  Firefighters worked to make the door way twice as wide and then gently navigated a 4″ water supply hose under her.   With 4 or 5 Firefighters on each side, they raised the rear of the horse, giving her some assistance in getting up.  We all felt better once she rose to her feet and wagged her tail.  This was real feel good moment, as the outcome would not have been good if the horse was not able to stand.  We still smell like a horse, but we can live with that! (Photo’s by Firefighter Steve Falconer)