MVA – Meadow Street - November 20, 2004

A rainy night and the sound of Ambulance tones followed by tones for Rescue 1 and Engine 3 to respond to a rollover with a pole and wires down and a person trapped in the car! If that doesn’t get your heart racing your not a Firefighter! Everyone is doing their best to make time to a scene. Size up of course begins at the receipt of the alarm and were all thinking of electrical hazards, stabilizing the vehicle, how long to get the NStar to the scene, where is the nearest LZ for Med Flite, and a myriad of other potential challenges we are about to face. What a relief when all of a sudden we hear”318 to Fire Alarm, be advised the victim is out of the vehicle and doesn’t appear to be hurt seriously.” What a welcome sound. (Pictures by Firefighter Rob Reardon)