MVA with Entrapment – Plymouth Street (Photo’s by Firefighter Mike Shaw) - January 13, 2013

During our Chief Officers meeting with Company 1 on Sunday morning, Fire Company’s 1 and 2 were dispatched to an MVA in the area of 40 Plymouth Street in North Carver.  On arrival, Deputy Germaine confirmed a single motor vehicle, rolled on its side about 50 feet in the woods down an embankment, with one occupant still trapped inside.  Police Officers closed the roadway, while fire crews from Rescue 1, Engines 1 and Engine 2, quickly went to work stabilizing the vehicle with our new Res-Q-jacks in preparation of using the Jaws of Life.  While Carver EMS worked to stabilized the patient still in the vehicle, Firefighters removed the front windshield and used hydraulic cutter tools to remove the roof of the small pickup, giving better access for patient care.  Once the roof was re-positioned the patient was removed from the vehicle to an awaiting ambulance.  All three disciplines of Carver’s Public Safety Departments (Police, Fire and EMS) worked flawlessly together, giving the occupants of the vehicle the best care possible. (Photo’s by Firefighter Mike Shaw)