Recruit Training Class #22 – Live Fire Intro (Photo’s by Firefighter, Steve Falconer) - April 5, 2022

Class #22 for our Recruit Firefighters was Live Fire Intro.  Three different live fires (Dumpster Fire, Car Fire and Single Room Structure Fires) were demonstrated by our Instructors.  Throughout the evening our new firefighters got a chance to extinguish each of the fires, while having instructors by their side.  Instructors also performed a live fire classroom session in our larger burn room, where all firefighters got a change to watch fire spread, see first-hand fire extinguishment and hydraulic ventilation techniques.  Our recruits will conduct another live burn training on the last day of the course, where they will be expected to perform the fire suppression’s without instructor assistance.  A big thank you to all our veteran firefighters that assisted throughout the evening with yard help.  In order to conduct the live fire scenarios we need at least 10 support firefighters to assist in keeping the training scenarios safe. (Photo’s by Firefighter, Steve Falconer)