Recruit Training R.I.T. Practical – Carver Fire Department Training Facility - March 22, 2007

Oh my aching knees! It is back to the maze and smokehouse for the practical on Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) training. Every member of the department must be proficient in R.I.T. procedures and techniques. At every working structure fire a RIT TEAM is established and stands by ready to rescue a downed firefighter should something go wrong while working inside a structure. Special RIT Packs are carried on each of Carvers 3 first due Engines and include a portable air supply to give to a ‘downed firefighter’, special saws to cut through walls and floors, ropes used for search when a hose line is not available, thermal imaging cameras, pliers for cutting tangled wires, etc. (Photo’s by Firefighter Dan Wilcox)