Smoke in the Building – Main Street - November 20, 2023

Fire crews from all Companies were toned out for smoke in the building at 90 Main Street. Assistant Deputy Boyle took Command on arrival reporting a smoke condition in one end of the building. Fire crews worked feverishly to try and locate the source of the smoke, which seemed to have an electrical odor, but traveling through the HVAC system. While crews searched the interior, cutting access holes into attic space, exterior fire crews laddered the roof and checked the exterior vent stacks. Once Firefighters were able to get into the attic space, it was determined that one of the eight HVAC units had malfunctioned and was pushing the smoke into the vent system throughout the building. The situation certainly could have been far worse if gone undetected. (Photo’s by Retired Fire Chief, Dana Harriman and Firefighter Steve Falconer)