We lost “A VERY GOOD JAKE” on  October 25, 2018. 


Captain Bob Telless – “Very sad day for the Department today, last night Firefighter Joe Peck passed away.  I have had the honor and pleasure to know, play and work with Joe since we were both eight, it has always amazed me the grit, determination and tireless effort that Joe put into life.  He was always smiling, and I can honestly say I never ever heard him say a bad word about anyone, those of you that know him were well aware of his ferrous appetite and God forbid you if you got between him and his food!!!  I will miss his presence at the clambake, he was always a great help in making our fundraiser a success!  How many of our kids did he take under his wing and let them help selling drinks, memories like that will never be forgotten!!  Ever since I first met him he has had adversities but that never stopped him, he always and was just like everyone else and there was nothing he would not try and master.


Joe, you are going to be missed by everyone at the Department and Association, you have left a lasting impression to each and everyone that had the pleasure of knowing you.  You are a true inspiration to everyone and are the poster boy, in my opinion, that no matter what life deals you, with determination and a positive attitude you can overcome it!!!”


Retired Fire Chief Bill Harriman put together a memorable tribute to Joe outlined in the photographs below.