Vehicle Recovery – Ward Street Extension - June 7, 2014

Fire Company’s 1, 2, 3 and the Dive Team were toned out to respond to a reported Motor Vehicle in the water, with a person and animals inside the vehicle off of Ward Street extension in center Carver.  With the female drive already self evacuated from the vehicle, Police Officer David Harriman, one of the first on scene, jumped into the water, dove down to the submerged vehicle, opening the door and rescuing the small dog inside.  True Animal Rescue HERO! Once Fire Personnel were on scene, firefighters wearing survival suits assisted in deploying Hazmat booms off of our Rescue 1 around the area of the submerged vehicle.  The waters were rapidly filling with a high volume of fuel escaping from the vehicles now submerged fuel tank.  The Carver Fire Dive Team was activated to assist in the recovery off the vehicle and secure underwater hazards from getting even worse.  Once the vehicle was removed, all water personnel had to be Deaconed on site by firefighters, due to high gas content on there PPE.  Our dive team returned to the scene the next day and re-dove the area to successfully find the drivers missing purse and jewelry.  The Department of Environmental Protection and a cleanup company were notified and assisted with the final cleanup.  Overall the operation went very smoothly among all Public Safety fractions and ended with a positive outcome of the driver and all pets being saved. Kudos to Officer David Harriman! (Photo’s by Firefighter Steve Falconer)