Water/ Mud Rescue – Bates Pond - April 4, 2022

At approximately 6:30 pm, Carver Public Safety was notified of a young adult stuck up to his chest in the mud in Bates Pond, our South Carver District. Carver Police, Carver EMS and Carver Fire with about 30 Officers/Firefighters responded to the Incident. The Carver Fire Dive Team was also activated and staged on scene as a precaution. Firefighters donning specialized survival suits, utilized a small aluminum boat, ropes, and rescue equipment to reach the person that had been stuck in the mud for about an hour before anyone was notified. The person was conscious and alert, but in distress. Firefighters were able to free the individual from the deep mud using brute strength, tools and some firefighter ingenuity. The patient was transported by Carver EMS as a precaution. Photo’s by Retired firefighter, Rick Leopardi)